Surprising things about 2011

There are quite a few things that happened this year that if you told me a year ago were going to happen, I wouldn’t have believed you:

  • In 2011, we only bought 1 gallon of ice cream from the store. Even as I say it now, it seems crazy.
  • We made it the whole year with only one car.
  • We got rid of our tv. Technically we still have a tv, since we have a 13 incher with a broken VCR attached, but we gave away our “regular sized” tv. Aside from that being considered kind of crazy by the population at large, we specifically used to watch a *lot* of tv, once upon a time.
  • Sara ran a 5k, and if that wasn’t enough, followed it up with a 10k. A year ago this time, she wasn’t even seriously running yet, much less planning to run races.
  • We own ~24 acres of land. Even though we’d thought about buying some property for a long time, we weren’t sure if 3 acres was going to be too big for us. And here we are with > 23! Still seems kind of crazy.
  • In 2011, Sara drank only 1 can of pop (in February, in case you were wondering). It’s not that she was such a huge pop drinker, but for anyone in this day and age to only have 1 can of pop in a whole year is pretty impressive.
  • I learned to knit! This was a secret hobby because I was knitting a few Christmas presents (just washcloths, nothing fancy), but the thought definitely never crossed my mind a year ago. I’m not sure were it will go from here, but I would say I definitely enjoy it. And in case you are wondering, I have it on good authority that knitting is for men, and crocheting is for women.

It’s amazing how different your life can seem in just a year!

One thought on “Surprising things about 2011

  1. Cheers to unexpected positive changes!! Maybe 2012 will include a wondrous trip to Buffalo that you never would have believed to the be the best vacation of your life. You never know.


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