My brother just informed me that there is a new Syfy original picture entitled Sharktopus. At the risk of over explaining the title, that is a shark genetically crossed with an octopus to create the ultimate killing machine. This may come as a surprise, but the scientists were not able to maintain control.

For those of you who don’t have the awesomesauce to sit through the trailer, here’s a model of the rediculous:

Why did I have to get rid of satellite??

Yes, the sharktopus can grab you from land with his tentacles, but if that’s not enough, he can also crawl out onto the land to eat you. He also appears to be gigantic, as if he needed another scary aspect. The director was like, “Hmm, he’s scary, but he’s not *that* scary. What if sharktopus was 10 times the size of a regular shark!”

And the sharktopus was created to fight pirates in Somalia! Aside from that obviously being a stupid premise, I think we need a prequel movie: Sharktopus vs. Pirates! (in 3D of course). Maybe we can have the sharktopus transported back in time so it can fight pirates that are on conventional pirate ships, rather than the Somali kind. They’d be lining up around the block to get into the theater.

Well, first things first, somebody watch Sharktopus on Syfy and let me know how it goes.

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