Quote Monday, back with a vengeance

Evie: “I heard a clip-cloping in the hallway…I think it was a dinosaur!”

We’ve been having some difficulty lately with Evie and her L’s. Like any kid her age, she pronounces them like a W. This can lead to some confusion:

Evie: “I have wemon pee pee.”
Sara: “Women pee pee?”
Evie: “Wemon. It’s yewow.”

Me: “We have to wash your face, it’s all messy.”
Evie: “Why?”
Me: “Well, you were in the dirt and you were eating smores and doggies were giving you smooches.”
Evie: “They wicked it.”
Me: “What? Wicked it?”
Evie: “Wick. Wicked it.”
Me: “…wicked it?”
Evie, patiently: “With an ‘L’.”

She’ll probably be able to spell it before she can pronounce it!

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