This my shit, this my shit

This shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s

Well okay, I’m back for some more mad phat blogging action. I can’t believe it was almost exactly a year in between posts there. Time flies. I re-read all of my old posts today. Good times. I’m a psycho! Sara always tells me I’m moody, but holy crap. I don’t know how she put up with me. The big take away was that I was really really freaked out about getting married. I totally didn’t remember that, but it’s obvious when re-reading this.

Okay, so what’s up? Like I said, I just got done with my capstone project. We made a pluggable card game. Essentially someone could create a few files and have a totally new card game that they could play in our framework. We implemented Euchre and Hearts. Stacy would have loved the Euchre!

Speaking of Stacy (LJ still reminds me of her), on the new Ben Folds CD there is this great song called Late. Its about a guy Sam Elliot who he kind of knew but he really liked his music and then that guy killed himself. It’s just like this really great song about things he’d like to tell the guy if he could. I just think it’s a really nice song because he’s just talking to the guy like he would if the guy were still around, not making this rediculous romanticized version of the guy. I used to think of Stacy and cry every time I heard it, but I’m over that now. I still like the song though.

Anyway, we went to NYC for our 1 year anniversary. It was a really great trip, although short. We saw Wicked and Avenue Q. They were both FANTASTIC shows. You can’t really compare them because they were very different, but I would strongly recommend either one to anybody.

Before that Sara’s mom came out to visit us for a week. It was a really nice visit even though we had to work during some of it. But here’s the weird thing. So I got this call from my friend Casey who I haven’t talked to in a long time. I called him back and he was like “Hey, we’re coming to see you, we’ll be there tomorrow.” So he ended up coming while Sara’s mom was here, which was kind of weird, and also he brought his new girlfriend Margret which was also weird because I knew her from high school but haven’t seen her since then. But she’s like suuuuper nice and I think they had a good time here. It was kind of strange though.

I didn’t really give the England trip justice in the blog here, but it was too big and too long ago to bother with now. It was the second biggest trip of my life and it was very nervewracking driving for a week on the wrong side of the road. But I only drove on the wrong side 2 times when we came back and I think I was even starting to master the round-abouts!

I’ve been listening to Tenacious D like a mad man lately. Best. Band. Ever. Sara bought me the new Dave Matthews Band CD because I was like insane-o fanboy, but I didn’t have the cd. So I got it and it was pretty much what I expected, by which I mean not all that good. It’s alright I guess, but I just feel like they’ve gotten away from what made them good. This album is too predictable.

Nala used to always sleep with me on the bed, by which I mean she used to let me sleep in the bed with her. But then when Sara moved in, there wasn’t room for the 3 of us. So Nala really kept us up a lot at night. Then last Thanksgiving we had left her alone while we went to visit Sara’s family and when we came back she was just flipping out because she was so attention starved. She’s such a needy cat. Anyway, we weren’t getting ANY sleep so we kicked her out of the bedroom and closed the door. Man did she not like that. She just banged on the door and cried so much that that was even worse as far as getting sleep. So then we tried putting her in the bathroom with the door closed and also closed our door, but even that didn’t work. She went so crazy in the bathroom that she started ripping chunks out of the door even though she has no front claws!! So we decided she was never allowed back in the bedroom. For about 6 months we tried EVERYTHING to shut her up, including wearing earplugs, running a fan, etc. Also I kept the spray bottle by my bed and about 3 times per night when she woke me up I went out and sprayed her. I thought that my sleep was going to be disrupted for the rest of my life and then one day, like magic, she just stopped! That was a few months ago and now she just doesn’t wake us up at all!! It’s like the craziest thing ever, it was seriously like magic. So the moral of the story is, stick to your guns and eventually the other person will have to give in.

My mom graduated with her masters, so congratulations to her. My mom, brother and sister are all up at the family reunions this week and I’m sooo jealous. But even more so, they’re going to NOAH’S ARK (the happiest place on Earth) this week. Ugh, I’m so jealous.

Alright I’m going to commit this because it’s getting long.


2 thoughts on “This my shit, this my shit

  1. Thanks, it’s good to be back!

    Hey, one thing I didn’t mention about the England trip is that we were staying in London right by King’s Cross Station. So we went there one day and they have a sign hanging up between platforms 9 and 10 that says “Platform 9 3/4” Then they took one of the carts that you carry luggage on and they sawed it in half and stuck it to the wall, so it looks like it’s half way through the wall.

    It’s really cool too because there’s no signs or anything that mention Harry Potter, so if you didn’t read the books you probably wouldn’t even notice this. When we were taking pictures there were people looking at us like, “Why are you taking pictures?” so they obviously weren’t fans. 🙂


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