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Pirate Laws

This is required reading for all of you out there in Internet land.

Pirate Laws – The ancient laws of the pirate as written by Blackbeard himself

Some of my favorites:
23. A pirate does not “go shopping”. Unless by “shopping”, you mean “killing”.
25. Real pirates have chest hair. If you cannot grow chest hair, you may be a cabin boy.
27. No pirate may ever change his shirt because it is “wrinkled”. A pirate may only change his shirt if it is completely soaked in blood.
29. No pirate shall ever drive a minivan, unless he drives the minivan into a tavern, for the purposes of looting barrels of rum from said tavern. Upon completion of this task, the minivan is to be burned. No exceptions.

And remember, #44, When swimming, pirates do not dive. They cannonball.

Time to update!

Okay, kind of a lot happened so I need to throw down a quick update here.

First off, Tuesday was
I didn’t miss it, but I forgot to blog about it.  So, let’s see.  Really the big thing was that we went to Janesville over the weekend.  My uncle was visiting from Colorado so there was a big thing at my Grandma’s house and she called us to invite us to come!  I just think that was really nice of her.  I definitely got the feeling that she was excited that we lived so close so we could come to something like that.  So anyway we went on Saturday and ate like maniacs!  Grandma made a turkey and her famous homemade buns and a pan of apple crisp (I had 3 slices)…to say nothing of the full jar of her homemade pickles!!  Oh man…heaven.  I’ve decided that if I was trapped on a desert island and I could only pick 1 food to have, I would pick Grandma D’s homemade pickles.

Anyway, we played 1 game of acquire and several games of Apples to Apples and much fun was had by all.  2 people immediately put the game on their Christmas lists!  Then Sunday we went over to my Aunt Lois’ house and watched the Packer’s game with some good ole Packer’s fans.  And they even won!!  My Grandma came with so that her and Sara could play Scrabble instead of watching the game.  Oh also, everybody has gardens and stuff, so we got some fresh pears from Uncle Lenny and fresh raspberries from my Uncle Roger.  Uncle Lenny has a pseudo-farm that my dad would *love*.  He grows pears, apples, cherries, all manner of vegetables and has chickens and turkeys.  Finally, Grandma gave me 3 jars of pickels to take home!!  But she made me promise not to tell anybody, so it’s a good thing this isn’t public or anything.

Quote of the weekend:
Len: “The cat had a hernia so I just pushed it back in there.”
Pat: “How did you keep it in?  Did you stitch it up?”
Len: “No…I just wrapped some duct tape around it.  By the time the cat got it off, it was healed.”

Uncle Len, Veteranarian.  What is it with my family and cats?

Pirate name

My pirate name is:
Bloody Sam Flint

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. Like the rock flint, you’re hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you’re easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from


Happy talk like a pirate day, ye salty dog!

Pirate mouse

I was walking in the grocery store today and I saw the coolest thing of all time!

Too bad it doesn’t have a scroll wheel or anything, but I still thought it would be cool to bring it to work.


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