Happy Halloween!!

I spent the evening as it should be spent, gorging on Halloween candy until I felt sick.  Don’t know if we got any trick-or-treaters since I was at class and Sara was at work, but that just means more candy for me!!

No costume this year, which makes me a big loser.  I got spoiled because growing up my mom always made me GREAT homemade costumes.  So now I feel like if I can’t make a good costume then its not worth making me a costume.  I did get a Halloween package from my mom except instead of getting candy this year, she sent me a check for $10.  I gotta tell you, I’d almost rather have the candy.

Apparently my mom started dating some guy 10 years younger than her.  You go mom!  Rawr!  She was out looking for her dog Queenie Houdini (Houdini on account of the fact that she escapes every 10 seconds and my mom always has to pick her up at the pound) and she was knocking on doors asking if people had seen her and she gave her phone number to this guy.  So then he called a week later and asked if she ever found her dog.  Then he called back again to ask her if she was single.  That’s all the details I have!

In other news, I got sick of Sara hogging the laptop 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  You might think to rectify that problem by buying another laptop, but Sara won’t let me (of course not, she’s happy as a clam with the laptop) so instead I moved the T.V. from our bedroom into the spare room where my desktop is.  We never watch T.V. in bed anyway.  So I plan on spending a lot more time in here on MY computer!  Although really I’d still like to get a laptop…

So, if you are bored on this Halloween night, you can always shoot kitties out of cannons.  My personal best is 870.

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