Some people need something more worthwhile to waste money on

Almost every day something happens that makes me hate Americans. Today it’s this show i’m watching on MTV right now about people who get plastic surgery to look like famous people and how they think that its going to change their life somehow. This one girl is a britney spears impersonator, like professionally, and she’s all like “yeah, once i get my breasts then i know that its going to change my life.” How in the hell is that going to change your life?? The sad thing is that these people really believe this.

I’m so sick of reading about SEI CMM. Normally all the work I’ve done over the weekend would be spread out over 5 weeks, but my slave driver group member wants it all done in the 2nd week. I’m done for now, at least until this weekend. Working on it for ANOTHER 4 hours tonight made me not have time to work out on the LAST NIGHT to work out before the final weigh in tomorrow!

Wish me luck! (Nevermind, it’s in the bag)

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