Now that I’m starting to have some friends on here, I’m going to try to cut this up so that my entries aren’t so long. The problem is, I never intend to write so much and it just kind of happens!

I got 387 out of 390 on my Operating Systems final, but someone got 388. It better not have been 85…after all the crap I gave him about beating him by 1 point on the first test, it would be revisited upon me 10 fold. :)

So I finally had to decide about the job at work and I decided to take the new job on Horizons. I’m going to start on April 9th.

Apparently, everyone on both sides had assumed I would keep the job that I had, so I think everybody was a little shocked. Andrew and Ben looked like they were going to cry and Jeff said, “You….BASTARD” and joked that he was going to screw me over on my next appraisal. He also said, “You might as well go tell Dawna so she can start gloating.” Even Garold (who I don’t even like) came over and told me he would be sad to see me go. Hell, he’s one of the reasons I’m leaving! :-P Then I went downstairs and told them I was going to take the job. Tony was so happy he told me, “If you weren’t a guy I’d hug you!” He then interrupted a meeting Dawna was having and told her and she yelled “Yippie!” and disbanded her meeting. I have to say that both reactions made me feel a little good inside. :) Maybe that’s wrong, I don’t know, but oh well.

I had a pretty good time in NC. I think both of us were a little moody over the weekend, which took away from it a little bit, but it was still a good time. I hate going all the way there and then fighting with her. I think that now whenever I’m with her, I’m really touchy because I’m overanalyzing every little thing, asking myself, “Are you going to be able to live with this the rest of your life?” I know that’s just making everything worse, but I can’t help it.

JCS was good, but you could tell it was not being put on at the highest level. The sound quality was pretty bad (although that didn’t matter as much since I already know all the words anyway) but there were some interesting takes on things in this production. The biggest thing was that it was set in a little bit more modern times, with kind of a “raver” bent…for example, a big saggy-jeans wearing, tattooed Judas kills himself by shooting up rather than the more traditional hanging. It was also a little risqué considering that every church youth group for miles was in the theater!

Sara is the worst thing that could ever happen to a diet! I’m going to pay her to spend one day with each of the people in the contest. “Let’s get ice cream! Let’s get cappuccino! Let’s buy Girl Scout cookies! Let’s go out to eat! I don’t want to make that for dinner, let’s make gorditas!” I think we managed to do pretty well though. Well, I did at least but I can’t speak for her. :-P

Larissa just picked the “hot guy” rather than the “average guy” on Average Joe 2. No matter how much nicer the average guys were than the hot guys, she instantly liked the hot guys just because they were hot. Nice guys finish last again! I hope she dies.

Well actually, she ended up getting what she deserves. The “big twist” at the end of the show was that she had to admit that her last boyfriend was Fabio. Who cares, right? Well apparently the guy she picked did because he got all pissed off and immature and dumped her over it. Oh well…she picked the hot guy rather than the average guy and, well, that’s what you get.

God, girls are so obsessed with the way guys look. Don’t they know what kind of stress that puts on us guys to conform to their body image? Well you know what? To hell with their unrealistic body images! Down with the women oppressors!

Okay, time to get to bed.

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